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Onyx – Chemradery & the Nostalgic Minds
Immerse Yourself in the Music of the Nostalgic Mind and Chemradery
Presenting South Florida’s Hottest Emerging Artists
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Prepare to immerse yourself in South Florida’s hottest emerging artists at Arts Garage. Prepare to immerse yourself in South Florida’s hottest emerging artists at Arts Garage. Chemradery consists of melodic verses and choruses WITH simplistic, yet memorable lyrics about the ups and downs of everyday life. Their tasteful instrumentation ties it all together. Funk rock masterminds the Nostalgic Mind is a 5-piece filled with talented musicians who offer their own influence in their sound making them hard to label. They leave all those who watch on the edge of their seats.

“Chemradery.” It's not a word in the English dictionary, but it might very well make it there if this band has anything to say about it. Led by vocalist Gregory Scot Dyer, and guitarist Ivan Alexander, Chemradery came about when two innovative minds merged their passion for music together, to create a sound that would not only inspire, but leave a lasting impression; on themselves and the listener. Melodic verses and choruses, simplistic; yet memorable lyrics about the positives and negatives of everyday life, and tasteful instrumentation that tie it all together. That is Chemradery. The fellowship, interaction, and common bond of everyday people, whose sole purpose is to tell a story through their music; a story that you can't stop reading. That is Chemradery. Their debut single, 'Hard As You Can,' made its U.S radio debut in July 2016.

The Nostalgic Minds
The Nostalgic Minds got their start in 2013, when Alayo, Emilio Trevino and Ana Rubio joined forces. As they came together, Alayo found her way with songwriting which paired well with the band. It went so well that the song "Dear K.C.” got nominated for an American Songwriting Award in 2014. As things were looking up, the band found itself with a revolving door of musicians to the point that their standing was not to where Alayo had hoped for. Around December 2015, through mutual friends, Big Rod 305 joined the band. His hip-hop style with precise technique blended perfectly with Alayo's R&B/Pop songwriting. As the two played more often, the band found itself becoming a two-piece. After a show at The Wynwood Yard, ChefCobbler met the band and offered to play if they ever needed a player. The two took him up on the invite and after a jam session at 'The Station', the band was coming together once again. After the first “Heartbeats" (a local show by The Waking Hearts where many musicians come to jam together), Richi Hermans lit up the stage with his soulful guitar playing which was a perfect match to the rhythm of “The Chef”. Richi later joined NM and they have been looking forward ever since. Zaid Aljaibat joined the group late 2016 with his rhythmic beats on the Darbuka and melodic keys. The Nostalgic Minds had their TV debut on Telemundo’s morning show “Un Nuevo Dia" in August 2016 alongside Peruvian rocker, Steph Red, and had their first live radio interview on Shake 108's #LocalLoveLive at Miami's Churchills. With Andy Gonzalez on Lead Guitar, they performed their new song coming out Summer 2017 called "Life Lessons". Who knows what the future holds for them, but this spaceship is not stopping now, it's only taking off.

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